<B>Quick's quick fabulous fixes</B> Susie Quick learned to cook the old fashioned way in her mother's kitchen, when making dinner took the better part of an afternoon. She moved onto the elaborate repertoire of the trendy mags, believing that, "food could be delicious only through hours of slavish effort." Now, as a senior food and nutrition editor of <I>Health</I> magazine, she's evolved a cooking style that fits our time and time-challenged lives and lays it all out for us in her aptly titled new book, <B>Quick Simple Food</B>. Her guiding goal here is to get elegantly easy meals made from scratch on the table in the time it takes for the pizza you might have been tempted to order to arrive at your door. Susie is big on one-dish meals conveniently served in bowls, grains "with attitude," Asian noodles and healthy takes on meat, chicken and fish. You'll find super-satisfying, spicy Singapore Noodles, Lemon-Spinach Bulgar Risotto, White Bean-Escarole Soup with Polenta Croutons, Swordfish Masala Kebabs with Mango Raita and 146 other smart, stylish, hassle-free choices, from salads to desserts, all in a handsome package packed with luscious full-color photos.

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