Some people, believe it or not, like their chosen work. They have found a way to be materially successful, fulfilled, and they even treat their employees well. Usually, they have a mother to thank. Wear Clean Underwear: Business Wisdom from Mom by management consultant Rhonda Abrams posits that the codes by which the ideal mother pestered us to live by (things like "share" and "eat your vegetables or you don't get dessert") have humanistic and beneficial application in the workplace. Myriad real-world examples, often of companies and their leaders who already have established reputations for doing right by their employees, are offered here. Abrams opens each chapter with a motherly pearl of wisdom and then shows how it can be positively employed by adults between the hours of nine and five. Every chapter ends with an entrepreneur detailing lessons learned from his own mother. It's a brightly written, positive book.

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