If you ever wondered why Sarah Ban Breathnach has such a large following, just listen to the opening of Something More: Excavating Your Authentic Self (Time Warner AudioBooks, $24.98, 6 hours, 1570424896); her candor, commitment, and compassion will be immediately evident as she urges women to begin, or for many, continue the journey toward authenticity. Breathnach encourages you to become the archeologist of your own soul, digging down, remembering and reexamining the dreams, loves, and fears of your own past. She wants you to excavate thoroughly enough to crack your soul's elusive code, to uncover the authentic needs and wants that will allow you to make the right choices the choices that will lead you to your real destiny. Something more is knowing that your choices are the only ones that matter; something more is saying Do I deserve to be happy? Damn right I do!

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