Leslie Stahl doesn't tell all in Reporting Live (6 hours), and, in today's world, that's a welcome relief. Stahl is and was, to use non-PC words, a career girl with a capital C ; she knew what she wanted, went for it, and got it. Along the way, she married and has stayed married and had a daughter who means the world to her. But, Stahl is first and foremost a reporter, a TV journalist who is still as caught up with getting it all, getting to the core of the issue, skewering a reluctant or manipulative interviewee, as she was when she began 25 years ago. In this memoir, Stahl covers herself from her first major TV job in Washington, then as CBS White House correspondent during the Carter, Reagan, and Bush years, as moderator of Face the Nation, to her present prestigious post as a 60 Minutes correspondent. Stahl has had a good ride, and her recounting of it, like her reporting, is fast, factual, and fascinating.

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