Perplexed policemen Craig Holden's Four Corners of the Night (3 hours) is not a procedural, but it is about two policemen and two harrowing events, separate in time, but not in nature. Bank and Mack, friends for most of their lives, are working the night shift in a Midwestern city when they get a call that a teenage girl is missing, probably abducted. To Bank, who has lived through this singular anguish himself, nothing takes higher priority. There is mystery, suspense, and action here, but there's also a disquieting, edgy mood. Holden seems to be looking at larger questions, at the difference between being a good buddy and a good friend, at responsibility, at courage, at blame, and at forgiveness. The answers are not bright and clear; they hover somewhere in the gray middle of this darkly captivating story. Terence Mann's well-nuanced performance has just the right tone and tension.

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