Christopher Buckley, perpetrator extraordinaire of savvy, satirical send-ups, has done it again, this time offering us the scathing skinny on the pretensions and posturing of politicians and pundits in our nation's capital. If Little Green Men (6.5 hours) doesn't make you smile, giggle, even guffaw, you might be among the jocularly challenged and perhaps should have an adjustment. John Oliver Banion, Princeton-educated, pompous, and at the pinnacle of his power as host of Sunday, the highest rated weekend news show in the galaxy, is abducted by aliens while golfing at an exclusive club. Is this for real? Has he really been picked up by a UFO, probed, and plopped back on earth? Banion, at first reluctant to go public, soon joins the thousands of weirdoes with common claims and, using his elevated status, demands action from the highest ranks of government. What ensues will amuse, as will reader Mark Linn-Bakers's excellent interpretation.

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