From drops of drivel to a bag of bones The Nobel Prize this year will undoubtedly go to Steve Martin. The big question stumping the sage scholars who grant the award will be the category--perhaps, categories--in which to make him Laureate: literature, science, medicine, economics? For the few among us who have not read his perceptive, perspicacious commentaries on the weightiest issues of our time, the release of this audio, read as only a man who has worn a dress to get a laugh from a monkey can read, will be a sound way to expand enlightenment, education, and erudition. Steve Martin, usually thought of as merely an actor, comedian, screenwriter, and playwright, now ponders the imponderables: the benefits of memory lapses in the boomer generation, Schroedinger's Cat conundrum, the friendship of a noun with his fellow words. He muses on the essence of that sliver of time between pure nothing and pure something and comes up with Pure Drivel, 140 minutes of pure fun.

Sukey Howard reports on spoken word audio each month.

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