Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (3 hours) is a truly divine book. But the secret of this divine audio is the reading by author Rebecca Wells. The story, or stories, are set in Thornton, Louisiana, and Wells, a native of the bayous herself, gives each fabulous character the authentic, Louisiana-laced voice she deserves. The Ya-Yas of the sisterhood are four women who have been the fastest and finest of friends for their entire lives. When Sidda and her Ya-Ya mother, Vivi, have a major falling out, the remaining Ya-Yas decide to put things right, and in so doing Vivi's life is conjured up for her daughter and for us. Moving in flawless flashbacks, Vivi and her gang of four grow from girls to women, sharing great times and ghastly events. Hearing them laugh and cry, I did the same. Rarely have the divine secrets of female friendship been better revealed.

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