Women on the verge If you're looking for an affecting, moving story of intense motherly love, Jewel, convincingly read by Celia Watson, is it. In creating Jewel, the character and the novel, author Bret Lott succeeds in bringing to life a memorable woman and the world she lived in - the sharply segregated Mississippi the '40s. Jewel, brave and determined in the face of life's grim trials, had, by the summer of 1943, a home and a family to be proud of. That summer, her sixth and last child was born, a late grace note to the life she and her husband worked so hard for. But Brenda Kay was born with Down's syndrome, a veritable death sentence in those days. Mobilizing every ounce of her will, discovering joy in the shadows of sorrow, Jewel found the patience and the passion to create the loving home that allowed Brenda Kay to live a happy life (6 hours).

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