Lost and found The soaring, elegant bird that gives The Snow Falcon (unabridged, 13 hours), Stuart Hamilton's dramatic debut novel, its name, also brings an unusual, unexpected gift to three people who have lost the essence of their lives. Michael, who lost his family and job and lived for years in his own private hell, returns to the small town in British Columbia where he grew up. There's no welcome waiting for him, just a dilapidated house and his father's empty store. Susan lost her husband in a hunting accident, and her young son, Jamie, lost his ability to speak and his interest in the world as he watched his father die. The snow falcon, winged by a money-grubbing ne'er-do-well, has lost the power to fly north to her natural habitat. Michael finds the wounded bird and finds that helping her recover gives him the purpose he needs. Jamie, drawn to Michael and the bird, learns to trust in life again, and Susan, watching all three struggle their own struggles, finds that she can love again. And you'll find romance and high adventure.

Sukey Howard reports on spoken word audio each month.

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