Perfect crime? Who killed JonBenet Ramsey? That's the question, but the answer, more than two years after the grisly murder of the pretty little six-year-old, is as elusive as ever. Lawrence Schiller, best-selling author and true crime explicator extraordinaire, has brought his investigative ingenuity and reportorial resources to Boulder, Colorado, the perfect town, and sets his sights on solving the perfect murder. Schiller and his team conducted over 500 interviews; combed police reports, memos, press clippings, and TV transcripts; and mulled over every piece of evidence they could find to produce Perfect Town, Perfect Murder (6 hours). Here's the nitty gritty of the battle between Boulder police officials and the DA's office; who said what to whom, when; how reporters, serious and scuzzy, carried on their campaigns; the agonizing over parental culpability and motive. Maybe Patsy Ramsey killed her daughter, maybe her husband helped, maybe it was an intruder. Now, armed with as much information as anyone else has, you'll be able to draw your own conclusion maybe.

Sukey Howard reports on spoken word audio each month.

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