Wild, Wild, Wild, Wild West U.

S. Marshall Lucas McKenna pursues a murderer with personal vengeance in Shelly Thacker's Into the Sunset. The victim is his brother James, shot and robbed of $15,000 in the study of his Missouri home. McKenna's pursuit leads to the highest Colorado mountains and the mining town of Eminence. But the killer's nature is not what he expected. James's mistress, Antoinette Sutton, is no cold-blooded killer. She's grieving for her miscarried baby.

When winter snows cut off Eminence from civilization, Lucas and Annie are forced to confront their own primal passions. Their struggle to live, to find truth in their emotions, is challenged by bounty hunters and the vengeance of James's widow.

Sandy Huseby writes and reviews from her homes in Fargo, North Dakota and lakeside near Nevis, Minnesota.

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