Robin Cook, that master of medical malevolence, is back on the thriller scene with Vector (6 hrs) and a new storm of bio-terrorism. This time, forensic pathologists Jack Stapleton and the woman he should pay more attention to, Laurie Montgomery, face double trouble Yuri, a deeply disillusioned Russian emigre who wants to punish America, and the People's Aryan Army, a shadowy group of neo-fascists and angry skinheads who want to destroy the government. Yuri, who had been a biotech worker in a Russian weapons plant, and the nasty leaders of the PAA have not only found each other, but found that their combined talents can bring off Operation Wolverine, a deadly variation on the theme of Oklahoma City. Jack and Laurie, involved in tracking down the source of an unusually devastating disease, find themselves face to face with the horror of a modern bioweapon in the hands of fanatics. Robin Cook, always at his demonic best in this kind of it-can-happen-here shocker, is in great form here. Sukey Howard reports on spoken word audio each month.

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