Popular author Iris Rainer Dart knows the L.A. scene, knows how to set her captivating stories in it, and knows how to pull at your heartstrings while she's making you laugh. All her know-how is abundantly evident in When I Fall in Love (7 hrs). Lily, a single mother and successful sitcom writer, is in the business of making people laugh, but when her teenage son is paralyzed by a bullet meant for her, wit seems light years away. To confound her problems, she has to deal with Charlie, her new boss, whose irreverent take on the world and his own severe physical challenges do little to ease her fragile feelings and growing worries. But Charlie knows that humor can be a magic elixir in overcoming disability and self-pity. So does Lily learn to see Charlie with new eyes, to see her son in proper perspective, and to see what real love is all about? Has Ms. Dart given us another bestseller? There's only one answer and it's yours for the listening.

Sukey Howard reports on spoken word audio each month.

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