Climb every mountain David Breashears, the well-known cinematographer and mountaineer, turns the lens on himself in High Exposure: An Enduring Passion for Everest and Unforgiving Places (6hrs). As a rootless boy, Breashears devoted himself to climbing. As he grew older, he realized that the risk inherent in scaling majestic mountains carries its own rewards and provides as profound a sense of self-knowledge as anything else on this earth. Philosophy aside, this is a true tale of rigorous, unworldly adventure. Breashears's honest descriptions of his climbs and the men, women, and hardy Sherpas who went with him are taut with the hair-raising dangers they faced and as full of suspense as anything you'll find in fiction, especially his account of the deadly season in 1996 when nine people perished on Everest while attempting to reach the summit. Michael Gross reads with affecting intensity and Breashears adds an overview in his own voice.

Sukey Howard reports on spoken word audio each month.

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