A whole other bowl game . . . Bowl is the operative word here soup bowls, salad bowls, big bowls full of hearty stews with rich aromas, bowls of noodles, rice, and pasta, little bowls with irresistible snacks and sides, even smaller bowls with pastes and rubs, seasonings and sauces that add fire and flavor, and sweet bowls holding delectable desserts. The Bowlfood Cookbook: 200 Exciting, Eclectic Recipes to Spoon, Slurp, Twirl ∧ Dip, by Lynne Aronson and Elizabeth Simon, is the place to find the food to fill the bowls, food that is bold and bright, comforting and cozy, convenient, inviting, and always fun. The authors met when they both worked at New York's famed Union Square Cafe. Lynne went on to open Lola, a highly successful Manhattan restaurant and then added Lola Bowla, an equally successful, casual lunchtime spot that serves you guessed it everything in a bowl. Some of the bowlfood recipes here have been served at Lola Bowla, others are brand new, but all are a creative melange of flavors, cultures, and imagination. Whether the accents are Asian, Mediterranean, Latin American, or just plain down home there's something succulent for everyone in this bountiful bowlarama.

Sybil Pratt is an avid cook.

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