Giddyup and get out . . . When his father decides he needs a wife and a cowboy has other plans, what else is there to do? Rance Phillips sees only one solution and he's A Cowboy On The Run , by Rita Award-winning author Anne McAllister. His quick getaway leads him right into the ranch and arms of his long-ago love, Ellie O'Connor.

Ellie's got her own plans, however, and taking up with Rance again threatens to tear apart the life the young widow has built with her four children. The oldest boy rejects Rance while the three little ones dream of making him their new dad. When Rance decides he's ready to put down roots on Ellie's ranch, he refuses to accept anything but life with her and his own secret son. Warm family drama makes this western tale a keeper! Sandy Huseby writes from North Dakota and Minnesota.

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