Viva vendetta . . . Ghoulish is too nice a word for the Grave Dancer, the suave, handsome, international operator who plans to become the mega-manipulator of crime worldwide; his idea of fun and games tends toward murder with touches of torture. So far, he seems invulnerable, always ahead of the cops, but there's one NYPD detective who isn't going to give up and when he's joined by a determined, attractive journalist, with her own reasons for going after the Grave Dancer, the stakes get even higher, and the potential for deadly danger doubles. The prolific, best-selling James Patterson has concocted quite a scenario in The Midnight Club (6 hours), with heroes to root for, bad guys to boo, and a twisting plot that grips from the get-go. Accomplished actor Robert Forster reads, keeping the chase pace at just the right speed, and keeping listeners locked in to the action.

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