Digging up death . . . Forensic anthropologist Tempe Brennan is back in bitterly cold Quebec and up to her icy earlobes in death. But death is her business, even though the multiple horrors get to her sometimes. Called in to examine the bodies of two mutilated babies found among the charred carnage of an arson-blasted chalet, Tempe doesn't yet know that she'll be drawn into the search for a strange, deadly cult and terrorized by the machinations of its mad millennialist leader. Death Du Jour (4.5 hours), Kathy Reichs's second foray into this grim world that she knows intimately, is full of the fascinatingly accurate detail that helped make her first book a bestseller. And, for good measure, there's a romantic subtext here too, as Tempe spars with homicide detective Andrew Ryan, who seems to turn her on and turn her off at the same time. Katherine Borowitz is an exemplary reader, getting the accents from Quebequoise to Texas just right.

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