John Sanford's tenth Prey novel, Certain Prey (6 hours), puts Lucas Davenport right in harm's way again and right in the middle of a nasty batch of homicides. The perps two smart, successful, good-looking women are far more engaging than most murderers, a deadly duo with a touch of Thelma and Louise about them. It starts off simply: A hot-shot defense attorney wants to bump off the wealthy wife of an appealing hunk. Through a past courtroom client, she hires a professional killer. The job gets done, the hunk is all but won, then a few things begin to go awry and the only way to fix them is to put a few more holes in a few more bodies. Lucas and his crew, brought in to figure out the cause and causees of this escalating death rate, need to make the connections we listeners already know about, and need to do it before the lovely ladies' bullets connect with them. Well paced, well plotted, and well read by Eric Conger.

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