When a man loves a woman Fasten your seatbelt and prepare for out-of-this-world adventure as Tess Gerritsen launches her newest medical suspense novel, Gravity. The rigors of astronaut training put married doctors Jack McCallum and Emma Watson to the test, but never more than when he's scrubbed out of the NASA program. That's more than their marriage can handle, yet neither is quite ready to sign the final divorce papers.

When several astronauts in the International Space Station die under mysterious circumstances, Emma must try to find the killer. She's part of an emergency flight to the space station. Jack returns to the astronaut corps, determined to do everything he can to support and assist Emma's mission to solve the mystery. Then Emma herself becomes a potential target and faces death alone in space. As Emma and Jack race to stop the killer, even the government tries to keep dangerous secrets that could save Emma's life. And as the astronauts race to save one of their own, Gerritsen's page-turner will keep readers spellbound. (Simon ∧ Schuster audio, abridged, $25, 0671046187) Each month Sandy Huseby covers romance for BookPage. She can be reached at shuseby@aol.com.

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