No alibi . . . Alex Ladd sashays into Hammond Cross's life on a sultry Charleston night and he pursues her with a predator's determination in Sandra Brown's steamy new suspense novel, The Alibi (BDD Audio, $39.95, 055350231X; BDD Audio, abridged, $25.95, 0553478273).

When Lute Pettijohn is found murdered in his luxury hotel suite, Alex is the prime suspect. Hammond Cross is the only alibi she has, but if he supports her story, he puts at risk a lifetime of political ambitions. His colleague, Steffi Mundell, would be only too happy to eliminate Hammond as a competitor in the County Solicitor's office. Too many people have motives to kill Lute Pettijohn, including his wife, Davee, and even the investigating detective, Rory Smilow, Davee's long-ago lover. Davee insists that her childhood friend, Hammond, should be the prosecutor, but Steffi tries to undermine his case. Even as he deals with competing allegiances, Hammond stays silent while Alex is being interrogated, investigated and hounded. Hammond must finally decide between ambition and honor in this riveting tale of conflicting loyalties. Each month Sandy Huseby covers romance for BookPage. She can be reached at

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