Paul Evans, the best-selling author of the phenomenally successful The Christmas Box trilogy, has created yet another masterpiece. The Looking Glass, Evans's seventh book, is poised to join the runaway success of his past work.

Set in the town of Bethel, Utah, during the pioneering days of the late 1800s, The Looking Glass is the fascinating love story of Hunter Bell and Quaye MacGandley and the struggles they undergo on the way to finding that love.

Bell, a former Presbyterian minister-turned-gambler, has spent most of his adult life running; he ran from his ministry to escape the never-ceasing memory of his wife's tragic death and the young daughter he had to leave behind in Pennsylvania. Once a refugee from frontier justice, Bell is seemingly content to live out a solitary life in the rugged mountains above Bethel. Until, that is, during a blinding blizzard, he rescues a beautiful Irish maiden who turns his empty world upside-down.

As a young woman, Quaye MacGandley was sold into marital slavery during the Irish potato famine and brought to America against her will, finally ending up in Bethel. Abused and thrown out into a raging Utah snowstorm by her brutal husband, Quaye struggles to escape this tragic life.

Surrounded by a hungry pack of wolves, she is mercifully rescued by Hunter Bell, who nurses her back to health. His tender ministrations help to heal her wounds, but can they heal her broken heart? And, in turn, can Hunter open his heart to his own greatest fear: that he might love again? This beautiful tale of Hunter and Quaye is an inspiring, heartwarming story of how two wounded people help restore each other through the unending power of love and understanding. Written in short, simple chapters, Richard Evans skillfully creates yet another memorable cast of endearing characters who will touch lives worldwide.

A consummate storyteller, Evans's work reflects a message of hope, love, and faith. Truly magical in content, The Looking Glass will delight and entertain new readers, and inspire and encourage Evans's established legions of loyal fans.

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