Glorious Gloria At 89 and proud of it Gloria Stuart is a world-class optimist, a class act, and a true trooper. Most of us saw her for the first time as Old Rose in that titan of box office blockbusters, Titanic. But Gloria had a movie career long before that. As part of the studio system in the Hollywood of the 1930s and '40s, she made 42 forgettable films and as an early, dedicated member of the Screen Actors' Guild and wife of a well-known screen writer, the stars that glittered in Beverly Hills glittered at her dinner table, too you name 'em, she knew 'em. Though she became an accomplished painter, designer, and printer in the 33 years after she gave up acting, Gloria never gave up hoping for that great role. Then that epic role came her way when she was 86. In her candid, delightfully gossipy memoir, Gloria! I Just Kept Hoping (3 hours), written with her daughter Sylvia Thompson, Gloria tells it like it was and like it is. Gloria and her memoir give growing older, fully and gracefully, a new definition.

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