A hairy situation In Touch of the Wolf by Susan Krinard, Cassidy Holt, knowing that she's different from the rest of the vaqueros on the ranch, embarks on a search for her own kind. The orphaned daughter of a werewolf mother and human father, Cassidy is determined to leave New Mexico to find her mother's family in England.

In 1875 it takes a while to get to England, but Cassidy instinctually senses that her destined mate is there. When she finally meets him, however, she finds that he has other plans. The international leader of the loups-garous (werewolves), Braden Forster is all consumed by his commitment to the Cause, the preservation of the pure werewolf blood. This devotion conflicts with the powerful allure of Cassidy, and Braden betroths her to his brother.

Werewolf powers of deception, masquerade, and control drive the intrigue of this richly woven novel. The loup-garou and human sides of each character make their struggles both riveting and enrapturing. Krinard brings readers a masterpiece of legend and love.

Sandy Huseby reviews from her homes in Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside near Nevis, Minnesota. She is online at SHuseby@aol.com.

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