Dave Barry, Florida's finest, funniest observer of the human comedy, has gone from columnist to novelist without losing a bit of his exceptional wit. Big Trouble (7 hours), a zany addition to the blossoming bunch-of-South-Florida-wackos genre, takes us into the murky underbelly of Miami and the murky machinations of men's minds. The plot with its madcap twists, careening turns, and great chases and the characters from an endearingly hapless homeless man to Moscow Mafia merchants and New Jersey Mafia hit men to a Miami jerk named Herk, a smart cop named Monica, a dumb cop named Walter, an even dumber dog, a malevolent toad, a trio of teenagers, an out-of-work ad man, and an unhappy wife (to name but a few) are beyond summation. Suffice it to say that the biggest trouble with Big Trouble, and Dick Hill's hilarious performance, will be the sudden guffaws and bursts of laughter it will undoubtedly cause.

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