Prisoner of love In Connie Brockway's McClairen's Isle: The Reckless One, Raine Merrick has had enough of hanging around a French prison. So when the mysterious Madame Noir arranges for his temporary release, he agrees to her terms. But temporary turns into permanent as Raine escapes to his Scottish home in search of his mother Janet's legacy, McClairen's Trust.

But Raine is not the only one heading for Wanton's Blush, the McClairen ancestral home. Favor McClairen trades her disguise as Madame Noir for an even more treacherous masquerade in order to destroy Raine's family and return Wanton's Blush to its rightful owners. Even the bitterest family feud is no match for the power of love as Raine and Favor struggle together in the search for McClairen family justice and Janet's treasure. Brockway's signature blend of crackling adventure and vivid characters make this continuation of the McClairen family saga a stellar tale.

Sandy Huseby writes and reviews and loves happy endings from her homes in Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside near Nevis, Minnesota. She is online at

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