Low Down and married When a girl saves the lives of the men of Piney Creek and they promise her anything, what's she to do but ask for her fondest wish? Louise, or Low Down, whose nickname aptly describes her life, longs for a baby of her own. Sure enough, the town pastor insists she marry the chosen benefactor, Max McCord, in Maggie Osborne's Silver Lining.

Max and Low Down's marriage mangles both of their lives. The father of Philadelphia, Max's jilted fiancee, is determined to destroy Max and his ranch. Philadelphia herself is determined to prey on Low Down's insecurities and win Max back.

Maggie Osborne is a master storyteller of the western landscape. Though the proverbial dark cloud hangs over Max and Low Down, they ultimately do find a silver lining. Sandy Huseby writes and reviews and loves happy endings from her homes in Fargo, North Dakota, and lakeside near Nevis, Minnesota. She is online at SandyHuseby@aol.com.

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