There's a lot going on in Howard Blum's The Gold of Exodus (4.5 hours) and it's all true. In the early '80s the Saudis with immense wealth and moderate stealth were doing their all to get nuclear weapons. At the same time, two Americans, a millionaire treasure hunter and a gutsy, retired SWAT team member, were determined to get into Saudi Arabia. Their quest: to find the true site of Mount Sinai and with it, the priceless treasure Moses and his people brought with them from Egypt. Little did they know that they were being used by the Saudis and the Israelis in an international espionage game of the highest and deadliest order. And little did they know that what they found in the Arabian desert might change our understanding of the holiest place in the Bible. Narrator Boyd Gaines is a terrific performer with great pacing and a phenomenal range of accents.

Reviewed by Sukey Howard.

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