The High Crimes (9 hours) that gradually emerge in Joseph Finder's high tension thriller are high indeed. Claire Heller Chapman, Harvard Law Professor and brilliant criminal defense attorney, and her husband, Tom, a handsome, successful financial advisor, are the picture of the "power couple" who has it made. Then suddenly it turns out that Tom isn't Tom, he's Ron Kubick, a former member of a super-covert military squad, wanted for desertion and 87 counts of wanton murder. Tom/Ron claims innocence, insisting that he's the scapegoat for his Colonel, now a four-star general, while the army insists that he's their man. Claire desperately wants to believe and defend the man she loves but is he telling the truth or furthering an already many-splendored lie? I won't tell, it would ruin the pulse-pounding, court room suspense.

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