There's more soul in The Street Lawyer (6 hours), John Grisham's current blockbuster, than usual. Michael Brock, a young attorney racing down the fast track in one of D.C.'s best, mega-money-making law firms, is sure to make partner if keeps working 12 hours a day and keeps his eye on the prize big bucks, power, and privilege. Then something happens. After a terrifying incident with a distraught but articulate homeless man, Michael suddenly sees his life and his high profile career in a very different light. And, unlike so many of us, he does something about it. It's a good story, I only wish that it were true and that, perhaps, Mr. Grisham would practice what he preaches, or at least donate the proceeds of this book and the movie that will undoubtedly follow to the cause he champions here. Michael Brock, accomplished reader of many previous Grisham novels, maintains his high standards in this reading.

Reviewed by Sukey Howard.

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