Forsaking all others, till death do us part. That timeless marriage vow was broken a dozen years earlier by Annabel and Gabe McKeigh in the aftermath of their daughter Susannah's death.

Rather than stay and cope with her husband, Annabel takes their son, Nicholas, and flees back east. But Nicholas immediately chafes at the unfamiliar east and the distance from his father and insists on returning to the Parable, Nevada, ranch.

Now it's 1878 and Annabel is back, determined to end the vow once and for all. She broke it by leaving, but Gabe broke it, too, by turning to his longtime friend, Julia Sermon, for consolation instead of his wife.

Annabel must confront those dozen years of separation and recrimination as she tries to decide whether or not to reclaim what she abandoned.

Passions have always burned hot between Annabel and Gabe, and each must now decide whether they truly can forsake other people, other lives, to rebuild their marriage.

Annabel and Gabe McKeigh reach up from the page to draw you into their lives, struggles, and triumphs. Linda Lael Miller fills her story with the rich complexities of people coming to recognize their own frailties and find the will to fight for what they value most.

The Vow both explores all the challenges of marriage and affirms that enduring love is a vital foundation on which a relationships are built.

Reviewed by Sandy Huseby.

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