In The Target by Catherine Coulter, a high-profile judge flees the pressure and paparazzi of San Francisco to find solitude in the Colorado mountains. But it is in this seemingly peaceful place that Judge Ramsey Hunt is unexpectedly drawn into a little girl's terror. From the moment Ramsey discovers Emma Santana near death in the wilderness, he develops a powerful bond with her. When strangers pursue the two and threaten to kill them, Ramsey is, of course, alarmed and bewildered. Even stranger, when Emma's mother Molly catches up with them, she mistakes her daughter's rescuer for a kidnapper. After realizing her mistake, Molly, a crime kingpin's daughter, and Ramsey, the embodiment of justice, unite to protect Emma from those who wish her harm. Coulter's tautly woven thriller ricochets from the Colorado mountains, to the lairs of crime bosses, to the European haunts of Emma's singing star father. The ride's a swift one, hang on tight! Reviewed by Sandy Huseby.

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