While we're laughing, how about a kooky crime caper, another mystery/thriller genre that's going gangbusters and translates into great audios. Carol Higgins Clark's latest, Twanged, targets foolish greed in the form of fiddle-snatching and stars the resourceful Regan Rielly, private detective par excellence and daughter of the well-known, best-selling mystery writer Nora Regan Rielly (how art doth mirror life Carol Higgins Clark is the daughter of Mary Higgins Clark). Regan, protecting rising country singer Brigid O'Neill from fanatic fans and her fabulous Irish fiddle from the clumsy "Dumb" and "Dumber" duo that lusts after it, brings another job to a happy ending. Carol Higgins Clark does herself proud as reader. No family feuds here her mother's most recent bestseller, You Belong to Me, is a winner as always.

Reviewed by Sukey Howard.

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