Good Housekeeping Best Recipes 1998, the annual anthology of recipes from Good Housekeeping magazine, is good news for cooks. Triple-tested by the good and talented folks in Good Housekeeping's kitchens, the over 300 super-reliable recipes range from "Appetizers and Soups" to "Condiments, Sauces and Jams." And though the magazine is as American as apple pie and has been an institution for well over a hundred years, you'll find foods from all over the globe Tuscan White Bean Bruschetta, Vietnamese Noodle Soup, Chicken Provencal, Greek Shrimp and Potatoes, Mexican Meatballs, Moroccan Carrot Salad next to such regional favorites as New Orleans Green Gumbo, Narragansett Succotash, Pennsylvannia-Dutch Sauerkraut and Apple Stuffing, and Kentucky Bourbon Brown-Sugar Pound Cake. More than recipes spice up these pages. You'll find: solutions for age-old cooking conundrums (should you salt the pasta water, soak dry beans, use a drip pan to cut the fat?); comfort in numbers (12 low-fat ways to perk up veggies, five desserts to make in five minutes, ten quick sandwich dressings); tips on terms and techniques (how to make perfect whipped cream and food processor pie crust or tell the difference between cod and scrod, cobblers and crisps, yams and sweet potatoes). The tireless testers in the GH Institute provide all the answers plus the skinny on choosing a juice machine, bread machine, pepper mill, toaster oven, and more. It all goes to show that good cooking is at the heart of Good Housekeeping.

Reviewed by Sybil Pratt.

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