The tension builds in Sue Grafton's newest addition to her best-selling Kinsey Milhone alphabet mysteries. We're up to number 14, "N" Is for Noose, and Kinsey is up to her neck in trouble as she tries to put Selma Newquist's mind at rest. Selma's husband Tom, a good man and honest detective in the small town of Nota Lake, Nevada, died of natural causes, but he was deeply bothered in the preceding weeks. Not expecting much to come of her investigation, Kinsey soon realizes that something very wrong and very troubling was and is going on and that someone will do very nasty things to make sure that she doesn't find out what it is. "N" is for noose, but it's also for notable, in this case another notable, well-plotted whodunit from Ms. Grafton, read with easy assurance by Judy Kaye. Reviewed by Sukey Howard.

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