Barbara Delinsky delves deeper into the human heart and spirit with each new novel. In Coast Road, a chilling auto accident brings Jack McGill face to face with the unfinished business of his former marriage.

Rachel Keats, his ex-wife, lies comatose in a Monterey, California, hospital, as Jack picks up the threads of their shared past and cares for their two daughters, Samantha and Hope. While he is home, he confronts their breakup from a new perspective. Because creating a successful, world renowned architectural firm had been so all-consuming, Jack ignored the fact that the life he was building was strangling Rachel's' spirit. Her appeal that they make a fresh start in Big Sur, and her subsequent departure without him, made barely a ripple in his drive for greater professional achievements.

As he sits at her hospital bedside and copes with rebuilding his relationship with his daughters, Jack rediscovers the first Rachel he loved through examining her artistic gifts and the bonds of friendship she's built in Big Sur. Now, Jack must decide whether he wants to be part of her new world whether he's willing, this time, to fight for their lives together.

Coast Road is a remarkable journey and affirmation that the bond between the right man and woman can be tested, stretched to seemingly irretrievable lengths, and hold.

Reviewed by Sandy Huseby.

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