A 20-year-old murder leads Jack Sawyer into Anna Corbett's life in Unspeakable by Sandra Brown. Sandra Brown excels here as she meets the daunting challenge of portraying the voice of a woman who does not speak.

When convicted killer Carl Herbold escapes from prison, he unleashes a fury of old scandal and questions unanswered. Brown's vivid, often poignant, nerve-tingling story whirls through the lives of Blewer County, East Texas, like the twister that threatens to rip the community apart.

At the eye of the storm are Anna and Jack, doomed to confront Herbold and their own inner demons as surely as the tornado that engulfs them. Emotionally wrenching and captivating, Unspeakable delivers earthy, evocative suspense as only Sandra Brown can.

Reviewed by Sandy Huseby.

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