Love is where you find it Can you ever say, there, that's the moment that changed my life ? Bob Hampton, the charming star of Carolyn See's charming new novel, The Handyman (6 hours), read by Gil Bellows, would probably answer in the affirmative. Twenty-eight, a painter whose prodigious talent is simmering and about to boil over, Bob spends a summer as a handyman in L.A. His ad says that he can fix faucets, prune, paint, plaster, and clean up household disasters, but what he really finds himself doing is cleaning up lives, patching up psyches, and giving people the support they haven't been able to find. But, luckily, amidst all this human debris, Bob finds love and his vision as an artist and the listener will find an offbeat tale that warms the heart. Sukey Howard reports on spoken word audio each month.

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