Romance rings in a new era Amid all the contemporary and historical romances, there is an era finally getting its due: the mid-century romance. Virtually ignored in romance fiction, the middle of the 20th century namely, the World War II years is rich ground for love stories. As Tom Hanks would say, It is time. The mid-century romance combines elements of historical romance, which draws from sweeping events like the Civil War or French Revolution, and contemporary romance, which emphasizes the intensity of one-on-one personal relationships. The intimacy of Susan Wilson's Hawke's Cove also conveys the power of World War II through the lives of Vangie Worth and Joe Green. Vangie has retreated to the sanctuary of Hawke's Cove after her husband John chooses to go to war, and she miscarries their unborn child. Both Vangie and Joe hold scars and secrets, and their closeness tightens, until John, reported missing, is freed from a concentration camp.

Vangie and Joe each choose lives apart, yet the bond they shared remains unbroken through years of letters. When a downed Hellcat plane prompts Vangie's reporter son, Charlie, to search out the story of Hawke's Cove, Vangie and Joe's story, too, is at risk. Susan Wilson's writing is like filigreed platinum: delicately spun, and priceless. Hawke's Cove is a poignant, evocative love story that transcends its place and its generation.

Sandy Huseby writes and reviews from Fargo, North Dakota and Nevis, Minnestota. She is online at

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