What the teacher learns When you're coping with the greatest challenges life throws at you, the appearance of a man bent on courtship is both torment and exhilaration.

In Sally Mandel's Out of the Blue, Anna Bolles is struggling to cope with her advancing multiple sclerosis. Wheelchair bound and feeling her worst, she meets Joe Malone. She can't believe this virile and vigorous man is really interested in her. Yet Anna keeps telling herself that she has much bigger issues to worry about, primarily keeping her teaching position at an exclusive Manhattan private school.

When her MS is in remission, Anna frets about her memory and her vulnerable muscles. She's settled for an observer's role; Joe has merely skimmed the surface of true commitment. Now both are faced with opening completely to each other, nothing held back.

Mandel captivates readers with such clarity that Anna and Joe emerge from the pages as exhilarating and buoyant as Olympian gold, two vulnerable people willing to entrust their hearts to each other and triumph together.

Sandy Huseby writes and reviews from Fargo, North Dakota and Nevis, Minnestota. She is online at SHuseby@aol.com.

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