Playing by the rules not Who better to teach an undisciplined male than a prim and proper governess? In Christina Dodd's Rules of Surrender, Lady Charlotte Dalrumple has reason to keep her aristocratic heritage hidden. In the company of two other resourceful women, the Distinguished Academy of Governesses is launched so each can build a self-reliant life.

Having spent their entire childhood in the exotic kindgom of El Bahar, Leila and Robbie become Charlotte's charges as she teaches them proper British customs. Their father Wynter, however, ultimately becomes both student and master tutor. Dodd launches her trilogy of the Academy of Governesses with a sparkling charm that promises delightful reading to come. Rules of Surrender is a tale of promise fulfilled, by story and author alike.

Sandy Huseby writes and reviews from Fargo, North Dakota and Nevis, Minnestota. She is online at

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