The saga continues into the wilderness Romance readers too often finish a story and wish they didn't have to let go of the characters, wondering how their lives play out beyond the courtship. Sara Donati more than meets the trust of telling a worthy continuing story. In Dawn on a Distant Shore Nathaniel Bonner leaves behind his wife, Elizabeth, on a mission of honor to his father. Like his father, he is taken prisoner, and Elizabeth confronts the treacherous wilderness in an effort to free him. Reunited, Nathaniel and Elizabeth must travel back to their Scottish homeland to rescue their babies. Donati masterfully weaves the evocative history of the founding of America with the powerful challenges faced by those, like the Bonners, who settled this new world. The strengths they find in themselves provide a timely reminder that this melting pot nation is a rich fabric, woven by the lives of ordinary people who rise to extraordinary challenges.

Sandy Huseby writes and reviews from Fargo, North Dakota and Nevis, Minnestota. She is online at

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