A long-time crime reporter, Edna Buchanan uses her first-hand knowledge of Miami vice, violence, murder, and mayhem to spice up her Britt Montero mystery series. Much like her creator, Britt covers the crime beat and the mean streets for a major Miami daily and sees more than her share of the city's steamy, seamy underside. In Garden of Eden (9 hours), Britt becomes intrigued with an unusual serial murderer a woman the police are calling the kiss me killer, whose MO seems to be seduce 'em, shoot 'em and leave a little lipstick at the lurid crime scene. This deadly dame started her coldblooded spree in upstate Florida, but is slowly, surely moving south. Then, suddenly, she's in Miami and on the phone with Britt. This might be the biggest story of Britt's career, but it might also be her last. I've liked all of Ms. Buchanan's books and I like the way Sandra Burr performs them this is certainly no exception.

Sukey Howard reports on spoken word audio each month.

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