Anything but the truth J.F. Freedman writes the kind of mystery fiction that keeps you guessing, and keeps you on your toes as the layers of plot peel back to reveal the final outcome. Above the Law (abridged, $24.95, 1567409113), his latest, is a doozy of deception, false leads, and evil deeds fascinating from start to finish and ably read by Dick Hill. When Luke Garrison gets a call from an old law school friend, now the DA in an out-of-the-way California county, he eagerly accepts the job of Special Prosecutor, investigating a DEA raid that went south, a dead drug lord, and a possible cover-up from on high. But the case is not at all what it seems, and therein lays the cassette-flipping intrigue.

Sukey Howard reports on spoken word audio each month.

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