The medium has the message "Who did this to you, Adam, and why?" is Nell's beseeching plea to her husband, killed with four others when his boat was blown up in a New York City harbor. Can he somehow come back to tell her what happened? Can she solve the mystery of the explosion, find peace for Adam's soul, and build a new future for herself? The answers to these questions, and a grippingly good tale, are in Mary Higgins Clark's current bestseller, Before I Say Good-bye (unabridged, $36, ISBN 0671047892). America's undisputed "Queen of Suspense" delves into spiritualism and communication from another plane, as she follows Nell's determined search for the truth, a search that just may put her in deadly jeopardy. As always, Clark draws appealing characters, sets an accurate scene, gets the details right, and adds a hint of romance to keep your interest level high. Broadway actress Jan Maxwell reads both the long and short versions with compelling competence.

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