Evan Tanner, the oddball, insomniac operative of Lawrence Block's popular series, has been off the scene for 25 years or, to be more accurate, he's been in a deep freeze. How and why and what brought about the melt-down will all be revealed by the man himself in Tanner on Ice (3 hours). It takes Tanner a bit to acclimate himself to the present after all, when he cooled off Nixon was President and computers were rare. But he's soon back in the thick of the action, this time called on to check out the climate non-meteorological, that is in Myanmar. This leads to adventures and misadventures with bad policemen and good revolutionaries, a beautiful woman and a shady Englishman. I like the way Block writes and the way he reads; he has a wry take on the world that's enhanced by his New York tones and nonchalant delivery. Sukey Howard reports on spoken word audio each month.

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