Blake Johnson, former FBI agent and now head of a secret White House department, and Sean Dillon, his wily Irish colleague-in-arms, are at it again in Jack Higgins's newest international bestseller, Day of Reckoning. But this mission has a special meaning for Blake his ex-wife, whom he still loved dearly, has been murdered, and he wants revenge. The Mafia, with its own internal intrigue, is involved, as are IRA gun runners, Muslim extremists and some of the sleazier examples London low life. Blake and his buddies, including a host of top-notch Brits and crafty Mossad agents, perform their derring-do with unequivocal elan, facing danger and even death with the bravado of the best. Patrick Macnee, who performs with equal avenging-angel elan, keeps the pace of this unabridged audio turned up. If there is such a thing as a beach bag for guys, put this title in it.

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