Family ties that blind FBI profiler Victoria Thomas's idea of a getaway vacation is attending a London symposium for devotees of Sherlock Holmes. Instead of studying that master of detection, however, she finds herself chasing down a modern-day Jack the Ripper.

As New Scotland Yard Inspector Jonathan Blake joins her in the investigation, he realizes that catching the contemporary Ripper may lead to the true identity of the original. That revelation has the potential to devastate the current royal family. Victoria's compulsive search for the current Ripper is born out of her frustration about the unsolved murder of her sister Meghan. The deeper the pair digs, the more they realize that Victoria is the ultimate target of the current killer.

Jones deftly entangles two modern-day crime fighters in the compelling snares of love while they are trying to solve one of history's most provocative crime sprees. Bloodline is an exquisite yin-yang mix of historical mystery and the mysteries of the heart.

Sandy Huseby writes from her homes in North Dakota and Minnesota. She is online at

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