The suffragist and the sweet talker When a proper high-society suffragist is caught with her drawers off, only a man with quick wit and an Irish tongue is her worthy adversarial ally in Betina Krahn's Sweet Talking Man.

Frustrated at the ineffective campaign for women's voting rights, Beatrice Von Furstenberg recruits reluctant congressional candidate Connor Sullivan Barrow to her cause. They first meet in a bawdy house frequented by the business and political leaders of New York.

Beatrice is determined that Connor will be the tool the suffragists need to gain women's rights. When Connor turns his sweet-talking ways from the voters to the wealthy young widow, Beatrice's life will never be the same.

Betina Krahn writes with charm and humor and an uncanny eye for the sensibilities of the day. Sweet Talking Man is a perfect dessert of a book tart, tangy, and with just enough froth to be irresistible.

Sandy Huseby writes from her homes in Fargo, North Dakota and lakeside near Nevis, Minnesota. She is online at

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